Today: NASA Airs Livestream of Total Solar Eclipse

NASA will provide live coverage in Spanish on NASA Television, as well as coverage without narration on its livestreaming mediums. The coverage will begin 10AM EST, with the eclipse reaching totality at 11:02 AM.

A total eclipse of the sun is upon us once again, this time in the southern regions of South America. Taking place on Monday afternoon, Dec. 14, the eclipse will be most visible in Chile and Argentina, with the path of totality leaving places like Saavedra and Pucón, Chile and Valcheta and Salina del Eje, Argentina in near-complete darkness. The region will not only be the center of the eclipse, however, but also has inspired NASA to provide all-Spanish-language livestream of the event.

Many may remember the fervor in the US during the total eclipse of August 2017, and Argentina and Chile, in fact, experienced another total eclipse just over a year ago. Nevertheless, despite the attention total eclipses — those with a path of totality — have garnered over the past few years, they are not frequent occurrences. Some regions may only witness totality once in a decade, while others may have to wait a century before the darkness passes over once again.

During the solar eclipse, NASA will provide live coverage in a Spanish-language program that will air on NASA Television and the public channel on the agency’s website. A separate livestream of the eclipse without narration will air on the media channel.

The programming will air in conjunction with the eclipse, and the all-Spanish show will provide real-time views of the eclipse and discussions on how scientists use eclipses to study the Sun.

The hourlong Spanish show, “El eclipse solar total de América del Sur de 2020,” will air at 10:30 AM EST. Two NASA scientists, Yari Collado-Vega and Bea Gallardo-Lacourt, will provide commentary during views of the eclipse, with the total eclipse visible during the show at 11:02 AM. The livestream, courtesy of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and captured through telescopes at the Observatorio Docente UC, Santa Martina, will play on the media channel from 9:40 AM to 12:31 PM.

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