New Company, the Academy of Interpretation (the AOI), an Online Education Platform for the Language Services Industry

The AOI offers professional, accredited courses for interpreters and serves as a platform for organizations to refer their interpreters for all training needs.

The Academy of Interpretation, an education and learning platform for the language services industry, launched on January 3rd. The Academy aims to share professional, quality-driven training courses that are available to all interpreters, addressing the widespread problem of untrained interpreters working in the field and ensuring that properly credentialed interpreters are in our communities.

“Interpreters play a crucial role in communities, but many interpreters lack the proper training and credentialing that their important role requires,” said Sameh Abdelkader, the AOI’s Director of Education. “Untrained or ad-hoc interpreters are more likely to make serious errors such as breaching confidentiality and inaccurate interpretation. The Academy of Interpretation was founded to address the need for proper credentialing and to encourage language service providers and other organizations to provide their staff with the necessary training.” 

The Academy of Interpretation is looking to partner with Language Service Providers (LSPs), as well as other organizations who seek a platform where they can host trainings. LSPs are able to provide industry-leading training courses on the platform to their students and interpreters. ​​Courses already offered include: The Professional Medical Interpreter, Avoiding Common Mistakes in Medical Interpreting, Interpreting in Palliative Care, and more. Early organizations who join our partnership program will receive a limited time discounted rate on all courses. 

Academy of Interpretation
The Academy of Interpretation is an education company that expands interpreter access to educational offerings in order to improve professionalism in the language services industry.


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