New Event! – Bidirectional Text (Part 1): The Basics of Bidi

When: Tuesday, June 25, 2024 starting at 8am (San Francisco), 11am (New York), and 5pm (Berlin). 

About the Webinar 

A number of scripts, such as Hebrew, Arabic and Urdu, write their letters horizontally on a page or screen, running right to left. A complication for these scripts is that other characters, such as digits, flow left-to-right, and can occur on the same line, or even alongside other left-to-right text, such as Latin. Text that handles both right-to-left and left-to-right text is called “bidirectional” text (“bidi” in short). 

How to handle bidi text on browsers and in other software is challenging for both general users and implementers. This webinar will describe the basics with examples. It will be followed by a live question-and-answer period. A more in-depth question and answer session will take place August 13, 2024. 

Who Should Register? 

  • Translators/Localizers 
  • Localization Tooling makers 
  • I18n infrastructure developers 
  • Linguists and language researchers 
  • Application developers 
  • Content authors 

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Session Presenters 

Richard Ishida served as the Internationalization Lead for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for 20 years. He also serves on the Unicode Editorial Committee and the Unicode Script Encoding Working Group. 

Roozbeh Pournader is an internationalization engineer who has been contributing to the Unicode Standard since 1999. He started his internationalization career in Iran in 1994 when he was a high school student. After moving to the United States, he has worked at companies such as Google and WhatsApp. He has received a Unicode Bulldog award for his contributions to Unicode and CLDR’s support for complex scripts, and is Vice Chair of the Unicode Script Encoding Working Group. 

Registration: Registration is Open Now! Please note this session will also be recorded and available via the Unicode YouTube channel.

Getting Started with Bidirectional Text (Part 1): The Basics of Bidi 

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