New Event — Making your emoji proposal the best it can be!

The Unicode Consortium is pleased to announce its latest upcoming event! 


Tuesday, April 16, 2024, starting at 9 am (San Francisco), 12 pm (New York), and 6 pm (Berlin) Register Now! 

About Emoji Standard and Research Working Group 

As much as 92% of the world’s internet population uses emojis—those pictographs we use to add color, nuance, and emotion to our digital communications. 

The Unicode® Emoji Standard and Research Working Group reviews all proposals for new emoji. In addition, it is responsible for updating, revising, and disseminating emoji-related resources, such as charts, guidelines, data files, FAQs, and archived media, as well as investigating long-term solutions to support emoji images and communication. 

About the Moderator and Session Hosts 

Jennifer Daniel is an artist, journalist, and Chair of the Emoji Standard and Research Working Group. If you have ever wept a happy tear 🥲, experienced brain fog 😶‍🌫️, gestured a salute 🫡, melted into a puddle 🫠, or wanted to disappear 🫥 … you may be familiar with her work. 😉 

Wilder Wells is the Program Manager of the Emoji Standard and Research Working Group. 

Samantha Sunne is a freelance journalist, organizer and trainer with specialties in data and investigative reporting. She helps lead the intake process for new emoji submissions from the public, including criteria for inclusion and the process for discussion in the Emoji Standard and Research Working Group. 


Registration is Now Open! Please note this session will also be recorded and available via the Unicode YouTube channel. 

Who Should Attend? 

  • Emoji enthusiasts 
  • Anyone interested in submitting a proposal or simply wanting to learn about how the process works! 

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Supporting Resources and Guidelines 


Unicode Blogs 

Emoji Proposal Submission Guidelines and Requests 

Adopt A Character Program 

About the Unicode Consortium 

The Unicode Consortium is the premier non-profit open source, open standards body for the internationalization of all software and services. 

For more than 30 years, the Unicode Consortium has coordinated the efforts of a worldwide team of volunteer programmers and linguists to standardize, evolve, and maintain a global software foundation that allows virtually every computer system and service to help people connect using their native language. 

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Adopt a Character and Support Unicode’s Mission

Looking to give that special someone a special something for a birthday or other special occasion? Or maybe something to treat yourself?


Adopt a character or emoji to give it the attention it deserves, while also supporting Unicode’s mission to ensure everyone can communicate in their own languages across all devices. Each adoption includes a digital badge and certificate that you can proudly display!

Have fun and support a good cause! You can also donate funds or gift stock.

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