Nimdzi Insights officially named Data Partner by Statista

Los Angeles, CA – Jul 25, 2022 – Language services and localization market research firm Nimdzi Insights is officially taking the title of Data Partner with consumer data company Statista.

Statista is known internationally for providing statistics on subjects such as metals and electronics, energy and environment, and transportation and logistics. The database stores over 1,000,000 statistics on over 80,000 topics across 170 industries. 

Nimdzi Insights, whose expertise predominantly lies in language services, language technology, and localization programs, will be contributing primary research that is generally available to the public to Statista’s database. More advanced research will remain reserved for Nimdzi’s clients. 

Nimdzi is primarily known for research on the translation industry with reports such as the Nimdzi 100, which publicly offers market research on the biggest translation companies in the world. Data in the market reports and other research initiatives are read by the localization industry, investors, language service providers, language service buyers, and linguists. 

Celebrating its fifth anniversary this summer, Nimdzi Insights continues to grow rapidly, with localization consultants spanning six continents. Nimdzi consultants and industry experts speak an average of three languages each and are dispersed over 20 countries. 

Like other management consulting firms such as PwC, Deloitte, EY, KPMG, Bain & Company, and McKinsey & Company, Nimdzi Insights works with governments and international brands investing in their global presence through localization best practices and program development. 

Working with clients like IBM, Schneider Electric, World Trade Organization, Shopify, and Smartsheet, Nimdzi has successfully been able to utilize primary research and industry expertise to customize localization program plans, walk investors through the due diligence process before investing in the industry, and help organizations implement best practices when it comes to translation, localization, interpreting, and language technology audits. 

“The exponential growth at Nimdzi has been powered by a fully remote and international team with an astounding background in localization expertise. There is nothing like it. Taking the title of Data Partner with Statista is just the next step in the expansion,” shares Nimdzi CMO, Nika Allahverdi.

About Nimdzi Insights
Nimdzi Insights is an international market research and consulting company. Nimdzi advises on international trade & development, language services, language technology, and localization programs. Nimdzi guides companies through investment and M&A activities. Nimdzi consultants are committed to providing opportunities for continuous professional development and resources for business professionals worldwide.

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Localization research and consulting firm Nimdzi Insights is recognized as a Data Partner by consumer data company, Statista. 

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