Phrase CEO Georg Ell talks new releases Orchestrator and Analytics

It’s a big week for language technology company Phrase, with the company announcing the most massive product release in its history, and company CEO Georg Ell is excited to talk about it.

Phrase Orchestrator and the all new Phrase Analytics, two new additions to the Phrase Localization Suite that aim to enhance localization workflow automation and comprehensive self-service analytics for users, are the flagship features of the new release. According to Phrase officials, the new features will “significantly boost the quality, efficiency and control of localization efforts for companies of all sizes seeking to improve global customer experience and unlock international growth.”

It’s an ambitious release from a company aiming to make major waves throughout the industry. Phrase CEO Georg Ell sat down with Nimdzi CEO Josef Kubovsky to discuss the big news in more detail.

Throughout the interview, the two discuss the new features being introduced. Phrase Orchestrator, for instance, is designed to streamline cumbersome workflow processes that often cost immense time and money. Under the new system, workflows that would have required highly skilled developers can now be created by anyone with a basic knowledge of the system. It’s a big change from a task that often required weeks of work.

“Some months have gone by and potentially tens or hundreds of euros of cost, and they’ve done one thing,” Ell told Kubovsky. “Now all of that effort can be done in an hour.”

Likewise, Phrase Analytics is designed to empower localization and business teams who need enhanced data metrics to report the value of their work. Once again, it’s designed to provide high customizability and flexibility for professionals without coding skills.

“Phrase Analytics has its standard offering and its advanced offering, and in that we’ll allow for custom dashboards by business users on a self-service basis,” Ell said. “No need for developers. Again, now the localization teams, the business owners, the business stakeholders who are trying to report that business value can create custom dashboards themselves, no code required, with a high degree of customization and flexibility.”

Cameron Rasmusson
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