Phrase sets new standard in localization with wave of releases including Phrase Orchestrator and new Phrase Analytics

Boston, USA, February 22,  2023Phrase, the global leader in cloud-based localization technology, has announced a number of new releases that are set to dramatically change the localization landscape. The February release wave is the largest ever from Phrase, with many exciting developments for users around the world. 

Headlining the releases are Phrase Orchestrator and the all new Phrase Analytics, two powerful new additions to the Phrase Localization Suite delivering groundbreaking localization workflow automation and a comprehensive range of self-service analytics for users. These releases will significantly boost the quality, efficiency and control of localization efforts for companies of all sizes seeking to improve global customer experience and unlock international growth.

“Never before has an enterprise grade localization suite been paired with powerful orchestration and analytics like this: the combination of Phrase Suite, Phrase Translate, our recently launched Phrase NextMT, and the all new Phrase Orchestrator and Phrase Analytics, sets a completely new standard for a holistic and inspiring vision of how the future of localization technology will evolve–raising the bar for what customers should and can expect,” says Georg Ell, CEO of Phrase.

Prior to Phrase Orchestrator, building efficient localization workflows was a cumbersome and resource-heavy process, involving many stakeholders, manual coordination, and teams of developers or third-party agencies. With its no-code interface, Phrase Orchestrator enables localization teams to easily build streamlined workflows according to their needs and business logic, using the unrivaled functionality of the entire Phrase Localization Suite. Employing the graphical drag-and-drop interface in Phrase’s intuitive workflow editor, teams can experiment with, and evolve, their own custom automations—leaving costly middleware, lengthy feature requests, and inefficient process adaptation behind, adding unparalleled speed and control to the localization process.

In addition to Phrase Orchestrator, Phrase has also launched the all new Phrase Analytics capability, empowering businesses with data-led insights to better steer localization efforts, improve operational efficiency, meet customer demands, and capture greater market share. A self-service solution for non-technical teams, Advanced Analytics provides organizations with the ability to build tailored dashboards and reports without the need for dedicated business intelligence developers, adding a new level of visibility and control, enhancing ROI and scaling performance.

Phrase is also releasing a range of additional powerful new capabilities throughout the Phrase Localization Suite. To reach a wider audience, Phrase TMS now supports new languages for Phrase NextMT, the internally developed MT engine. Further enhancements focus on more collaborative working practices with the addition of “mentions” in comments to help speed up communications, as well as improvements to the translation memory algorithm that take Phrase’s TM technology to the next level for superior translation quality. 

Furthermore, within Phrase Strings there are enhancements to the strings editor including instant and live previews of Figma designs, enabling in context reviews, and the organization job templates to boost translation and project management productivity even further.

“Customer-led innovation is at the heart of what we do,” says Simone Bohnenberger-Rich, Chief Product Officer at Phrase. “I’m incredibly proud of the team and their work in bringing these impressive and wide ranging capabilities to market. This month we are really pushing the boundaries of what localization technology can deliver to our customers. Phrase Orchestrator and Phrase Analytics are core components of our Localization Suite. It’s an exciting time for the company as we are leading the charge for fast, high-quality, and scalable localization that was previously unattainable.”

Phrase Orchestrator and Phrase Analytics empower businesses of all sizes with full visibility and control of the process and vastly enhance the speed, quality, and cost across their entire localization pipeline. As the localization efforts of companies ramp up and processes become increasingly complex, these innovative features are there to offer the automation required to successfully engage and grow their global customer bases at scale.

With the Phrase Suite already providing a 527% ROI (Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™(TEI) study), even before the release of these powerful new capabilities, it’s notable the extent to which these latest innovations will further elevate returns and establish localization as a key growth enabler for any business—a charge firmly being led by Phrase.

Phrase Orchestrator and Advanced Analytics are both available as add-ons to the Phrase Suite.  Further information on the February release can be found at

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Phrase is a cloud-based localization solution that enables organizations of all sizes to open the door to global business through advanced automation and a broad variety of integrations. The Phrase localization Suite is equipped with the leading translation management system, a specialized platform for software and digital products, and it supports 500+ languages, 50+ file types, 30+ machine translation engines, and 50+ integrations. The enterprise-grade suite enables users to drive growth with a connected ecosystem of tools. Organizations like Uber, Shopify, Volkswagen, and thousands of others trust in Phrase and accelerate their global growth by giving people the content they need, in the language they speak. For further information visit

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