REVOICEIT: Beta v0.2 Christmas Release

Voiseed is excited to announce the Christmas Release of REVOICEIT Beta v0.2, the fast and scalable AI dubbing solution tailored for the videogame industry.

REVOICEIT Beta v0.2 features brand-new models to improve prosody, intonation, and expression, making it easier for users to create high-quality dubbed audio content. Our new models have been designed to better capture the nuances of human speech, resulting in more natural and authentic-sounding dubbed audio.

In addition to these improvements, the Christmas Release of REVOICEIT also adds support for 10 new languages in input, including Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Hindi, Turkish, Polish, Russian, and English UK. We have also added 2 more languages in output: Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

With these new languages, REVOICEIT now supports a wider range of voice content and can help users create dubbed audio in more languages than ever before.

The Christmas Release of REVOICEIT also introduces a new feature called Dillo, which helps to create more personalized and natural-sounding dubbed audio. Dillo allows users to directly record their own voice and transfer aspects of that recording, such as phoneme durations, intonation, emotion, and emission, to the target sentence while maintaining the sound-alike voice of the source audio. This creates a more authentic and engaging result for listeners.

Overall, the Christmas Release of REVOICEIT brings a wealth of new features and improvements that can help users create high-quality dubbed audio content more quickly and easily than ever before. Try out these new features and more with the REVOICEIT Christmas Release, ask for a DEMO and Happy dubbing!


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