Rif Berber language given boost with launch on language app

People from around the world can now use the handy uTalk app to learn how to speak key words and phrases in Rif Berber, also known as Riffian, Tarifit, and Tamazight.

This important indigenous language was added with the help of a male and female native speaker who both grew up in Morocco’s Rif area and who visited uTalk’s London recording studio earlier this year to record their voices for the app.

It is the 155th language to be added to the app, which was developed by UK-based education company uTalk to make it quick, easy, and fun for people of all ages to learn speaking and listening skills in a new language.

uTalk Founder and CEO Richard Howeson says, “We are thrilled to have added Rif Berber to our app because it’s an important Tamazight language which we have had lots of requests for.”

“All the words and phrases on the app are also translated into more than 100 different languages so people around the world can now use uTalk to learn Rif Berber!” he adds.  

The app, which works on most smartphones, tablets, and computers, includes:

  • Around 2,500 words and phrases which are divided up into 60+ themes or topics such as Social Phrases, Technology and Food and Drink.
  • The chance to record and compare your own pronunciation with native speakers’.
  • Five fun games which test you on what you’ve learned and give points for correct answers. 
  • Pictures linked to every word or phrase which help boost your memory.
  • Translations in the Phrase Practice section of all the words you are learning. (These translations are automatically given in the language of your device but you can change to another Application Language in Settings.) 
  • The ability to learn off-line, just download the content beforehand when you do have internet access.

Try the app today by downloading Free Rif Berber Starter Words at utalk.com/app. By playing the games, you can earn in-app coins to unlock more free content.  For details of subscriptions visit utalk.com/store/berber.

uTalk has more than 30 years’ experience of helping people learn languages and its award-winning learning method has been used in more than 100 countries worldwide by over 30 million customers.


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