Robin Ayoub’s Localization Fireside Chat Explores Deepdub

Toronto, Canada, August 8th, 2023 – Deepdub, a trailblazing localization company, is revolutionizing the entertainment industry with its innovative use of Generative AI technology. Founded in 2019, the company’s mission is to bridge language barriers and foster cross-cultural connections by providing high-quality video dubbing services to diverse audiences. 

The dynamic interview with Oz Krakowski, CRO of Deepdub, took place on the Localization Fireside Chat podcast, hosted by the founder, Robin Ayoub. ( During the conversation, Oz emphasized the company’s commitment to continue harnessing the power of Generative AI to deliver cost-effective and high-quality dubbing solutions. Emphasizing the positive impact of AI on humanity and the planet, “We can do more by embracing generative AI and its opportunities, which is essential for the legacy of our industry,” said Oz.

Deepdub fosters inclusivity, ensuring accessible AI-powered localization to everyone. The company’s platform allows people to explore and integrate AI-powered localization into their professional and personal lives according to their objectives.

“AI is an opportunity, not a risk,” affirmed Oz. “Our creativity will continue to play a vital role, albeit in different ways. The evolution of AI will shift how we express our creativity.”

As Deepdub continues to chart its course in democratizing content and empowering individuals to connect with global audiences, Oz encourages interested parties to explore their flagship platform, “Deepdub Go.” The platform offers a simple and easy-to-use way for users to localize their content with just a few clicks, reaching multiple audiences worldwide.

To experience the platform, interested users can visit the company’s website and join the waitlist for “Deepdub      Go.” Alternatively, they can reach out directly to Oz Krakowski on LinkedIn or via email at 

“I want to express my gratitude for the opportunity to be hosted by Robin Ayoub on the Localization Fireside Chat podcast. Deepdub is passionate about providing people the means to express themselves in their native language across the world,” said Oz during the interview.

Deepdub extends heartfelt thanks to Robin Ayoub, Founder of Localization Fireside Chat, for hosting the Fireside Chat and for the engaging conversation that ensued.

For more information about Deepdub and their pioneering localization services powered by Generative AI, visit their website at


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