Dive into the Exciting Journey of tbo’s Rebranding with Charles Campbell

Toronto Canada August 11, 2023, we’ve got some awesome news coming your way from Localization Fire Chat, the go-to podcast and YouTube hangouts for all things localization. We’re absolutely stoked to give you a heads-up about our next episode featuring the one and only Charles Campbell, the brains behind tbo. He’s the founder and top dog over at tbo, and we’re about to unravel the gripping tale of their rebranding adventure and how it’s turbocharged their growth and success.

Join Robin Ayoub, as he sits down for a heart-to-heart with Charles Campbell. They’ll be dishing about what motivated the switch from Translation Back Office to tbo. Charles will spill the beans on the hurdles they faced during the whole rebranding shebang and why keeping customers and stakeholders in the loop was key.

Charles Campbell isn’t just another face in the crowd. With over two decades of experience in translation, localization, and interpreting, he’s the real deal. As the Founder and CEO of tbo, he’s taken the company on a global rollercoaster ride, expanding into different countries, and putting together a killer team of pros.

While they’re at it, Charles will share some wisdom about the importance of playing the long game in the industry. He’ll be shining a spotlight on the need to stay on your toes, adapt, and keep the innovation flowing in a world that’s changing faster than you can say “localization.”

Charles will dish out the details on tbo’s nifty talent outsourcing services. If you’re a company looking to supercharge your resources and focus on what you do best, you won’t want to miss this.

“Brace yourselves for another mind-blowing chat on Localization Fire Chat,” exclaimed Robin Ayoub, the show’s dynamo host. “Charles Campbell brings the heat with his industry smarts, and we’re jazzed to share his golden nuggets of insight with you all.”

Stay tuned, because the episode featuring the man of the hour, Charles Campbell, is dropping soon on the Localization Fire Chat podcast and YouTube channel. Don’t miss out on the latest buzz and trends – hit that subscribe button and come hang out with us on social media.

Watch the entire episode: https://youtu.be/7Yq2nr5N0Z4

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