Robin Ayoub’s Localization Fireside Chat Explores the Future of the Industry

Toronto, Canada, July 25, 2023 – Robin Ayoub, a renowned expert in the localization industry, recently  hosted a Fireside Chat with Renato Beninatto to discuss the future of the industry and the impact of new  technologies. The meeting covered a wide range of topics: 

– An insight to how Renato started his journey in the Localization industry and get to know him on  a personal level.  

– Technology and the opportunity and risks: Adapting to tech while valuing the human expertise – Current financial and economic impact 

– And where do we go from here as an industry 

Renato, a prominent figure in the industry, shared his experience and insights during the Fireside Chat. He emphasized the need for professionals to stay informed and not fall for the hype surrounding new technologies.  

Renato stated, “It is crucial for us to adapt to new technologies, but we must also recognize the value of human expertise and project management. Technology should enhance our work, not replace it.” 

The meeting also delved into the growth and size of the language industry globally. Participants discussed the need for the industry to promote itself and suggested utilizing multilingual publishers for free press releases.  

Additionally, the idea of transcribing the chats was explored, with the recommendation of using the Tactic chrome add-on for transcription. 

Robin Ayoub’s Localization Fireside Chat provided valuable insights into the future of the industry and the impact of new technologies. The conversation highlighted the importance  of embracing technological advancements while also recognizing the value of human expertise. With discussions on industry growth and promotion, the Fireside Chat offered a comprehensive overview of  the localization industry’s current landscape and future prospects. 

About Renato Beninatto: 

Renato Beninatto brings decades of experience everywhere he goes, including his current role as  chairman and cofounder of Nimdzi. With extensive experience in international consulting, market  research, sales and marketing, he provides strategic direction that helps Nimdzi serve clients better  worldwide. Renato has done a ton of stuff with a ton of companies but what he really enjoys doing is  helping companies think big and grow. He is based in Seattle, Washington.  

About Robin Ayoub: 

Robin Ayoub is a respected figure in the localization industry with years of experience and expertise.  Through Fireside Chats and other initiatives, Robin aims to foster knowledge sharing and collaboration  within the industry, driving its growth and innovation. 

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