Sorenson Brand Refresh Sets New Industry Standard for Inclusivity

SALT LAKE CITY, June 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, Sorenson unveiled a bold new brand reflective of its current vision, the universal need for human connection, and the network of inclusive communication services the company offers. Sorenson, the world’s leading provider of language services for Deaf and hard-of-hearing people, made the announcement at Clin d’Oeil, the world’s largest celebration of sign language, held throughout Reims.

“The rebrand involved all of Sorenson’s diverse employees – Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing people from all over the world who use different languages,” said Sorenson Chief Marketing Officer Camila Casale, who led the rigorous rebranding effort to realign with the company’s current direction and with Sorenson’s new leadership and ownership’s plans for global expansion. “The dazzling brand that emerged as a result of employee participation is truly a beautiful representation of the company we are becoming.”

Most companies require six to 12 months to refresh a brand, Casale, a marketing veteran, explained. “Our agile team mobilized to produce this brand in just six weeks!”

Sorenson enlisted Indian/Australian-born brand designer Ravi Vasavan, who is Deaf, to create the theory behind the new brand identity. Vasavan immersed himself in all things Sorenson – its history and culture, the communities it serves, its innovative and revolutionizing technology, and the company’s leading role in democratizing communication services for Deaf and hard-of-hearing people and underrepresented people worldwide.

“Globally, there are 7.75 billion people and more than 7,500 languages,” Vasavan said. “Each person with each language is hardwired to connect with others through communication. And Sorenson is the connective layer that creates an infinite and beautiful tapestry of connections around the world. Sorenson provides the platform to communicate ideas and emotions beyond words.”

Vasavan explained that the new brand underpins one of Sorenson’s core principles: Connection. The new tagline – “Connect Beyond Words.” – taps into the global desire of connecting beyond languages. “The brand symbol is a visual ‘shorthand’ for Sorenson. The typeface is Stabil Grotesk. The color palette is an extension of Sorenson’s brand history. Meld all of these elements and the brand is bold, distinctive, powerful,” he said.

Sorenson Vice President of Branding Ryan Commerson, who is Deaf, explained that voting for the color palette of the brand was submitted to Sorenson’s 10,000-plus employees and resulted in a very high response rate, which was “a testament to employees’ passion for our vision,” Commerson said.

Vasavan indicated the winning color design honors the past, present, and future of Sorenson with a blend of Sorenson’s blue and the colors of its business lines – CaptionCall and Sign Language Interactions’ – layered together. “The supporting colors are a balanced approach of connective warmth and cool confidence,” he said.

Sorenson’s previous brand will be retired and the new brand will begin to appear on Sorenson’s website and social media, although the full transition of the brand will occur in coming months and will be incorporated into event and additional marketing materials.

Visit to watch the Sorenson brand take flight.

To watch this release in American Sign Language, British Sign Language, and International Sign Language, click here.

About Sorenson
Sorenson taps the power of language for human relationships to thrive. As one of the world’s leading language services providers and the world’s leading provider of accessible communication for Deaf and hard-of-hearing people, Sorenson combines patented technology with human-centric services to connect signed and spoken languages. Sorenson offers caption and video relay services, over-video and in-person sign language and spoken language interpreting, real-time event captioning services, and post-production language services. For more information on how we advance human connection, visit or

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