The Boldly Inclusive Leader

Inclusive leadership takes hard work. In The Boldly Inclusive Leader by Minette Norman, there are no simple formulas. Rather, Norman invites readers to embrace discomfort, accept challenges, and practice inclusivity every day.

Acolad leads the charge in content revolution

With a focus on inclusivity and accessibility, Acolad's forward-thinking approach is revolutionizing international communication.

TransLinguist Enhances Product with Voice Speech AI Amid $67B Language Market Surge

TransLinguist Interactive introduced their all-new remarkable in-built product features in response to innovation in multilingual communication and even higher industry expectations. The Response so far? Since...

Is my software inclusive?

Executives can make great strides in inclusivity by ensuring their software is available to employees in their native language.

Sorenson Brand Refresh Sets New Industry Standard for Inclusivity

Sorenson unveiled a bold new brand reflective of its current vision, the universal need for human connection, and the network of inclusive communication services the company offers. Sorenson, the world’s leading provider of language services for Deaf and hard-of-hearing people, made the announcement at Clin d'Oeil.