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LEXIGO supercharges its commitment to quality in the translation industry

LEXIGO supercharges its commitment to quality in the translation industry

Telehealth platform Coviu adds on-demand access to language support

Australian telehealth company Coviu has partnered with language services provider Ezispeak Health to provide on-demand access to language support via video telehealth. Available in over...

Kriol interpreting efforts misunderstood in Western Australia and abroad

Earlier this month, Australian politician Mark McGowan received harsh criticism for a video campaign intended to disseminate COVID-19-related information to Aboriginal people living in the state of Western Australia (WA). MultiLingual an Australian interpreter about the video and why the outrage against it is largely unjustified.

Rapid antigen tests present language barriers in Australia

According to a recent report from the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC), community health advocates have been calling on improved language accessibility for rapid antigen tests, most of which only provide instructions in English and generally lack translations into other languages spoken widely throughout the country or even instructional pictures or diagrams.

Improving Remote Learning Outcomes for Multilingual Students

Remote learning may seem like a thing of the not-so-distant past for many in countries that are no longer following lockdown or shelter-in-place measures....

TIS National VRI Service to Assist in Australian Healthcare

With over 2,300 interpreters, TIS National has been providing video remote interpreting services in Australian healthcare, which aims to provide better access to non-English...

Victorian Government Passes $14 million Multicultural Support Bill

After mistakes in vital COVID messaging from the government, Victoria, Australia, government officials hope the new funding will bring relief to communities that have...

Multilingual Communities in AU Need Access to Health Info

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has come under fire recently for how his administration has handled Australia’s efforts to translate COVID-19 messages and properly...