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Component-Based Systems: A cure for the common TMS cold

The idea of a completely centralized global content hub sounds appealing on the surface, but what happens when the TMS itself becomes a liability? With organizations generating more content than ever thanks to AI, Didzis Grauss argues that we need to transform how we manage and deliver content to audiences around the world.

A Solid Foundation for Structured Content Management

BUSINESS A Solid Foundation for Structured Content Mangement By Agnes Cwienczek P  harma firms face a growing requirement to collect, manage, and publish data. Structured content management and...

Solutions for the top three localization challenges

Rob Vandenberg explores three basic localization challenges and how cloud-based TMS (Translation Management Systems) may help increase efficiency in corporate translation/Localization management.

Common Sense Advice about Machine Translation and Content

You'd need to be living on the moon if you still don't get it about how data quality impacts machine translation quality (actually, every...