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Nataliya Horbachevska

Feminism vs. Chivalry

Pulling from her experiences living in Ukraine, Germany, Switzerland, and Poland, Nataliya Horbachevska reflects on her evolving views about feminism and why she began to think that it doesn’t require rejecting chivalry.

André Köhler shares thoughts on working with LSPs

Software manufacturers are quickly becoming an invaluable partner for Language Service Providers (LSPs). And that's something Prof. Dr. André Köhler knows a thing or to about.

What’s your Christmas tree tradition? The origins of a holiday symbol

As far as we can tell, the use of the first modern Christmas tree was developed in medieval Livonia, in current day Latvia and Estonia. Tallinn claims to have set the first modern Christmas tree ceremoniously on fire in their town square in 1441, while Riga claims to have done the same thing in 1510. The latter still has a plaque commemorating the occasion.