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New WIRED video pits humans against AI interpreters

The latest WIRED video breaks down the strengths and limitations of AI interpretation versus human interpreters.

Top four highest-paying jobs for interpreters

Figuring out which career path will be the most rewarding regarding finances isn’t exactly the most straightforward task in the book. And for qualified and experienced interpreters, there’s no exception to that rule.

A conversation with Begoña Canut Noval

Begoña Canut Noval, a conference interpreter with 11 years' experience, shares why she started her agency, inTERP Mexico, and what keeps her going in the localization business. 

Telehealth platform Coviu adds on-demand access to language support

Australian telehealth company Coviu has partnered with language services provider Ezispeak Health to provide on-demand access to language support via video telehealth. Available in over...

TRANSLIT Announces Expansion into Russia

The Ireland-based language services provider (LSP) TRANSLIT has announced that the company will be expanding its reach to Russia, a move which has been...

Hawaii to Expand Medical Interpretation Services

A new state bill could require Hawaii island hospitals to provide medical interpretation services for speakers of Micronesian languages such as Chuukese and Marshallese....

$6 Million New Funding For KUDO Remote Interpreting Platform

KUDO, a New York-headquartered, cloud-based virtual interpreting platform, has been flying high since the beginning of the year as travel bans and work from...

The power of positive language

What if there was an easy trick to be more persuasive and more positive, just by changing your mindset and the way you phrase sentences? English speakers have the option to voice both a positive statement and a negative statement that convey the same meaning. For instance, “come to the restaurant on time” and “do not come to the restaurant late” both deliver similar messages; however, the connotation behind the former is much less negative.