Like a Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Using three examples of poor translations that changed the course of history, Ewandro Magalhães illustrates the tough job of interpreters in the arena of international diplomacy and how they can also serve as catalysts for understanding and reconciliation.

The Irreplaceable Pearl at the Heart of Human Connectedness

From saving natural landscapes from possible destruction to providing marginalized groups with access to crucial services, Katharine Allen’s career illustrates the powerful and positive impact of human interpreting. In her essay, she argues that this impact can never be fully replicated by technology alone.

Green Terp Unveils GT Enhancer, an AI-driven Audio Enhancement Feature for Interpreters

Singapore, February 27, 2024 – Green Terp Technologies Pte Ltd (“Green Terp”), a pioneering SaaS provider in the space of multi-lingual meeting and event...

Global Talk Reports Strong Growth in 2023

Global Talk, Europe's second-largest interpreting service provider, achieved significant growth in 2023, offering insights into interpreting trends, client acquisitions, and technological innovations.

Katharine Allen

If there is ever a "Language Industry Hall of Fame," Katharine will surely be among the inaugural inductees. Katharine is an established healthcare and community interpreter with over three decades of experience.

Josh Goldsmith

Josh has mastered the art of public speaking and makes everything he teaches come across clearly. He is one of my greatest mentors.

HeliCo Global Launches New Website

We invite you to explore our new website and discover how our interpretation and translation services can transform the way you communicate.

Each Step Matters to Ensure Language Access – In-Person Conference

The Orange County Department of Education - Language Services team provides bilingual professional learning opportunities and experiences for all interpreters, translators, bilingual staff, school...

Total Event Globalization An E2E language experience

Viviana Bernabe and Aki Hayashi decode the future of global events, emphasizing the vital role of comprehensive language strategies. Dive into innovations, from AI in live translations to the essence of human interpreting. Discover how to not just host, but truly globalize your event for a worldwide resonance.