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Language tech developments at the 8th Google for India conference

At the eighth Google for India event earlier this week, Google announced a handful of new language technology developments that it will soon begin to roll out in India.

Alexa AI’s machine translation controls for formality, ranks first place

As with other context-dependent forms of language, such as slang, formality can be difficult for MT systems to get just right, especially since languages express formality quite differently.

One year after acquiring MT startup, Zoom launches translation feature

At the time of the acquisition, Zoom’s president of product and engineering said that MT would be the “key in enhancing our platform for Zoom customers across the globe.”

Language Models for English, German, Hebrew, and More

For quite some time now, artificial intelligence (AI) researchers have been trying to figure out how — or perhaps if — computers can be...

Weekly Shorts | May 21, 2021

Apple Launches Sign Language Interpreting Program Among numerous accessibility updates, Apple launched SignTime earlier this week, a program designed to make AppleCare and Retail Customer...

Google Launches App for Language Preservation

Google’s Arts & Culture team has recently launched Woolaroo, a new tool for learning and preserving Indigenous and vulnerable languages. Woolaroo is available as...

ICU joins Unicode Consortium. What does that mean?

On 18th May, Unicode Consortium announced that ICU joined the Unicode Consortium. What does that mean? it's not your usual announcement that this or that...