Smartling’s AI Translation drives 40% growth

AI Translation is a leap forward in speed and efficiency for enterprise localization 

NEW YORK, Feb. 14, 2024 – Smartling, Inc., the LanguageAITM translation company, continues to showcase its extraordinary growth trajectory propelled by AI-Powered Human Translation (AIHT). Representing a seismic shift in the localization sector, this cutting-edge solution seamlessly integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI), Large Language Models (LLMs), machine translation, and human expertise to set a new standard for quality, efficiency, and speed.

In stark contrast to a translation industry that contracted in 2023, Smartling grew its Translation business 40% as a result of AI Translation and is reshaping the industry by delivering human-quality translation for a fraction of the cost and up to 10 times faster.  

“Our AI-Powered Human Translation solution is revolutionizing localization,” said Bryan Murphy, CEO of Smartling. “What we’re doing at Smartling with AI Translation reminds me of the impact of  cloud computing and data storage products, enabling companies to accelerate growth by eliminating cost and quality as choke points. Our customers are able to shift from a strategy of rationing translation to using it as a tool to create competitive advantage at a global scale.”

Smartling’s remarkable growth has been fueled by the adoption of AI-Powered Human Translation (AIHT) across a wide variety of industries and organizations. This is aligned with Smartling’s vision of delivering top-quality translation at accelerated speeds and lower costs through LanguageAITM. AIHT has been embraced by many of the top brands in the world, enabling them to maximize localization budgets, expedite projects, and elevate translation quality. In 2023 alone, Smartling translated over 35 million words with AIHT.

“As a Localization Manager at Therabody, I can attest to the value of Smartling’s AI-Powered Human Translation (AIHT). Incorporating AIHT into our translation process has resulted in a 30% decrease in our blended word rate, inclusive of human translation and AIHT, “ said Dominic Yeo, Localization Manager for Therabody. “AIHT enabled us to streamline our translation workflow and achieve cost savings while maintaining the high-quality translations our customers expect. Smartling’s AIHT has been a game-changer for us, and I highly recommend it to any organization looking to optimize their translation process.”

About Smartling

Smartling’s LanguageAITM platform is revolutionizing the translation and localization of the world’s digital content. Named as the top translation management system by CSA Research and by users on G2, Smartling harnesses AI and machine learning to enable the automation of workflows, integrates seamlessly with existing tech stacks, and measures and improves translation quality at enterprise scale for a fraction of the cost of traditional translation.

Smartling is the platform of choice for hundreds of B2B and B2C brands, including IHG Hotels & Resorts, Shopify, Pinterest, State Farm, British Airways, and Lyft. Smartling is a global team headquartered in New York City with an office in Dublin.

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