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The Future of Language Technology: The Benefits and Dangers of Translation...

SPONSORED: A translation proxy can be an effective tool, but only in very specific cases  If you’re a company that operates in one or very few markets, it’s vital to expand your offerings...

Common mistakes in life sciences localization and how to avoid them

Life sciences are one of the most complex and challenging localization niches anyone could take on — and because of this, there are many common mistakes LSPs and translators make regarding the localization of material from the life sciences sector. Our new issue, which just went live, addresses more of these challenges.

Considerations in choosing an enterprise-level TMS

It can be difficult to put the variety of offerings into context simply by studying and comparing marketing materials or feature lists. Begin instead with a list of your own criteria. Enterprise customers may be interested in TMS for a variety of reasons, including automation, cost savings, transparency, process ownership, branding consistency across business units, improved context, increased speed of workflow, multivendor support and the list goes on. How do you choose?