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Language Models for English, German, Hebrew, and More

For quite some time now, artificial intelligence (AI) researchers have been trying to figure out how — or perhaps if — computers can be...

Researchers Present Cybersecurity Model at NLP Conference

The Joint Conference of the 59th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics and the 11th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing...

Can Neural Networks Really Understand Human Language?

Artificial intelligence (AI) researchers have long been preoccupied with solving the issue of syntactic ambiguities in human language — in their recently released book...
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Developing More Accessible Speech Recognition Systems

Researchers at Facebook have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that doesn’t need transcribed audio data to recognize speech — this means that the...
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Researchers Use AI to Translate Whale Communication

A team of researchers at Texas A&M University is currently taking advantage of recent advancements in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) in order...

TAUS and Intento Announce New Partnership

TAUS and Intento, two companies specializing in language data and machine translation, have teamed up to form an international partnership focused on training more...
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AI Data Training Company Appen Sees Increasing Rise in Stock Price

This week, Appen LTD, a global leader in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) data, reported a 6.9% increase in share value — the...

Localization tech predictions for 2019

What does 2019 hold for us? Well, if we pay attention to the predictions of 16th-century seer Nostradamus, we should brace ourselves for flooding, wars and a strike by a meteor. Assuming we survive all of that, what does 2019 hold for technology trends?

Humor and AI: Does it travel?

Conversational interfaces such as chatbots and voice assistants present many localization challenges — humor, for example. And that’s not even considering if the original content was all that funny to begin with.

Conversational UI Language Design at LocWorld35

Conversational UI localization and language design skills are central to a great user experience. CUI means we moved from a "user"-centric concept of design to a human-centric one. After all, what could be more "natural" that talking to a computer? Both humans and computers "converse" in dialog, and it's the language design knowledge for such a conversation that's critical to delivering a natural, human-like interaction between the two.

Boaty McBoatface: Man versus Machine at Localization World

Yes, the whole Boaty McBoatface thing has now entered the language space too. Parsey McParseface, part of Google's SyntaxNet, an open-source neural network framework implemented in TensorFlow...