machine translation (MT)

Google Translate’s deep AI upgrade represents the future of machine translation

Artificial intelligence may seem like science fiction, but it’s technically existed for decades. In 1951, students at the University of Manchester created a program...

Making the most of machine translation

Machine translation (MT) is ever-present in the translation industry. The technology is being used to shorten project timelines for language service providers (LSPs) and reduce...

Common Sense Advice about Machine Translation and Content

You'd need to be living on the moon if you still don't get it about how data quality impacts machine translation quality (actually, every...

Google Translate is Finished. Again.

We've heard this before. This time it's somewhat truer. Google Translate itself ( isn't finished, but the API allowing third-party developers to use Google...

Not Convinced About Need for MT? A Must Read

If you are still not convinced of the about the need for effective machine translation (MT) then check out this PowerPoint deck from Greg...

¿Socially-Enabled What?

The big myth that the web is bringing us closer to other cultures or countries.

Far Too Easy: Knocking Machine Translation

Time for a more balanced, constructive debate about machine translation (MT).

Information Quality, MT and UX

Information quality is primarily a user experience issue, not a translation process one.