MultiLingual Media

Future of AI and Linguistics with Unbabel’s CTO João Graça

In a recent interview on Localization Today, Graça shared insights into the evolving role of AI in translation and the company's innovative approach.

MultiLingual Magazine Wins APEX Award for Publication Excellence

The awards program has recognized MultiLingual magazine for its high-caliber “graphic design, editorial content, and the ability to achieve overall communications effectiveness.”

Aki Ito, Jost Zetzsche retire from MultiLingual editorial board

With Ito joining in 2007 and Zetzsche in 2012, both guided MultiLingual magazine’s editorial decisions with their expertise built through long, impactful careers.

Joining Forces for Sustainability: The Climate Change Language Industry Survey 2024

The survey seeks to understand practices, knowledge, and behaviors related to sustainability efforts. Results determine our industry’s role in promoting sustainability practices in business. 

MultiLingual Media launches, a database of language service providers

MultiLingual Media has launched, a platform for language service providers to connect with or be found be clients.

MultiLingual Media expands services with Localization Today podcast

The Localization Today podcast expands on MultiLingual Media's services and offerings with a vast library of audio content.