Magic, Mayhem, and Mergers

Three decades ago, the work of translating popular Japanese video games for Western audiences often fell to just a few people using rudimentary technology. In this article, Rasmusson explores the ups and downs of game localization in the 1990s.

“Mario” localization clarifies character’s gender after 20 years

In localized versions of the classic video game "Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door," Nintendo is introducing new depth and insight to a key character. 

Localization a key part of gaming industry’s recent, future growth

In an analysis of the 50 most widely frequented gaming websites (as ranked by Similar Web), BLEND found that nearly half offer a multilingual experience, with 48% supporting four or more languages.

Mario Bros Anniversary, Nintendo Localization Stumbles

Nintendo is celebrating the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros this year, but the game that centers around two fictional Italian plumbers may have...

Paper Mario’s Controversial Translation

Nintendo’s Paper Mario video game localization team has sparked a dispute about how it translated sensitive language from Japanese to Traditional Chinese. Even without the...

Localization: Culture and Context Cuts Both Ways

We often make the mistake of assuming that all source material intended for localization for a target country or region is in English and...