Tarjama Launches First TMS With Arabic UI and AI

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Tarjama, the pioneering language service provider (LSP) in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, unveils CleverSo 3.0, its proprietary translation management system (TMS) packaged with new capabilities to power translation teams for AI-enabled translations. Its smooth and intuitive user interface (UI) now comes localized into Arabic, making CleverSo the first TMS with an Arabic UI. CleverSo 3.0 leverages the ground-breaking technology of generative AI and large language models (LLMs) by introducing an AI-powered assistant for translators.

Translation teams will experience a much smoother user experience, in a modern, enticing UI with new capabilities for all roles. Project managers will be able to define automated workflows visually and apply dynamic automated assignments. CleverSo Insights allows for tracking the team’s localization efforts in visual charts. For quality managers, CleverSo 3.0 comes with a full-fledged LQA workbench, with interactive reporting and new automatic quality checks. The most prominent new capability for translators is an AI-powered terminology assistant, powered by generative AI, to help translators overcome terminology challenges.

Nour Al Hassan, CEO of Tarjama, remarked, “At Tarjama, we understand the unique challenges Arabic-speaking translation teams face. With CleverSo 3.0, we have built upon that knowledge and experience, combining it with the latest technology and our proprietary Arabic AI.”

Arabic-speaking translations teams will find themselves equipped with a localized version of the tool, featuring enhanced processing and generation for right-to-left languages. The tool boasts a best-in-class Arabic machine translation (MT) engine along with QC checks purpose-built for Arabic, including a proprietary Arabic AI spellchecker.

With CleverSo 3.0, Tarjama introduces a new tiered pricing structure and makes it available both as a cloud service and for on-premises installations, providing flexibility for businesses of all sizes with varying security needs.

“We are thrilled to reach this milestone towards our vision of the TMS of the future powered by AI,” says Dr. Rebecca Jonsson, CPO at Tarjama. “For translation teams opting for CleverSo, we promise an exciting journey toward the future of translation, with new capabilities continually being rolled out. This is just the beginning!“


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