Translation and Localization Industry Leaders Pack Their Bags to Attend International Conferences, via Nimdzi Insights

After a Covid hiatus, international conferences are back in order, and the translation and localization industry is not late to the global game. 

The language services industry powers communication across the world and fuels transcreation campaigns, product development, subtitles for favorite streaming platforms, and communication of vital information to corners of the world. Industries such as life sciences, IT, entertainment, and finance rely on language vendors to get their messages across. 

Bringing these players together this month is Plunet Summit, an international conference held in Berlin for language service providers and localization professionals looking to learn about best practices and join panel discussions on one niche but mighty space.

Other industry events include the European Language Industry Association (Elia), with their event “Focus on Executives.” The event was created for senior language industry Executives doing business in Europe and beyond who are committed to creating a stronger future for their company. 

Reporting on the industry at Plunet Summit and Elia Focus on Execs is Josef Kubovsky, CEO of Nimdzi Insights, a research and consulting company specializing in languages services, language technology, and investment in the industry.

The Plunet Summit will also feature industry leaders and new players like Christian Essner, Founder and Managing Director of T’works, who will share his perspective and experience on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the language services industry. 

M&A has been the main driver for rapid growth within this niche space according to industry consultants at Nimdzi Insights. The translation and localization industry annual report mentions that  45.7% of translation and localization companies are looking for companies to acquire, which is up 12.0% in comparison to last year. 

“It’s a sellers market because there aren’t many companies looking to sell. There are only 100 companies in the Nimdzi top 100 with 40-50 of them having already been acquired. There is a scarcity for companies that are large enough to be attractive to the type of capital that is in this market,” states Renato Beninatto, Co-Founder and Advisor of Nimdzi Insights.

About Nimdzi Insights
Nimdzi Insights is an international market research and consulting company. Nimdzi advises on international trade & development, language services, language technology and localization programs. Nimdzi guides companies through investment and M&A activities. Nimdzi consultants are committed to providing opportunities for continuous professional development and resources for business professionals worldwide. 

Read about the industry in the full annual Nimdzi 100 report. 

About Plunet Summit 

Plunet Summit is the international Plunet user conference in Berlin. The Plunet Summit is the #1 event for all language service providers and language departments that use Plunet or are interested in translation management systems (TMS) and technology strategies. 

About Elia

Elia, the European Language Industry Association, is the European not-for-profit association of language service companies with a mission to accelerate members’ business success. They do this by creating events and initiatives that anticipate and serve members’ needs in building strong, sustainable companies, thereby strengthening the wider industry. 


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