Welocalize Appoints New Head of Machine Learning Division

New York, NY (October 31, 2023) — Welocalize — ranked as one of the world’s largest LSPs by language industry intelligence firms CSA Research, Nimdzi, and Slator — is pleased to announce the appointment of Mikaela Grace as head of its artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) engineering division. With her extensive background in AI and ML, she will unify Welocalize’s advanced capabilities in ML, machine translation (MT), and AI research and development under one division. This further solidifies the company’s position as a leading provider of AI-powered translation and multilingual content services.

Mikaela began her career as a software engineer at Google, where she trained acoustic models and contributed to the development of large-scale training infrastructure. Following her tenure at Google, she became the first ML engineer at River, a burgeoning startup, and went on to lead and advise ML engineering teams at several other companies. She has taught courses on ML, software architecture, and natural language processing (NLP) at Tec de Monterrey, a university recognized for having one of the top computer science programs in Mexico. Mikaela has a bachelor’s degree in mathematical and computational science and a master’s degree in theoretical computer science from Stanford University.

“AI is not just a component of our operations; it is the core of everything we do at Welocalize. Mikaela’s extensive hands-on experience with tech powerhouses like Google, coupled with her proven track record in leading and nurturing engineering teams, positions her as an invaluable asset to our organization,” states Chris Grebisz, Welocalize’s CIO. “Her expertise ensures that our customers will continue to benefit from cutting-edge AI-driven solutions, tailored to their unique needs, setting new standards in quality, efficiency, and innovation. We are not just advancing our capabilities; we are enhancing the value we deliver to every client.”

Her appointment comes at a pivotal time for Welocalize as the company harnesses AI to revolutionize translation and multilingual content services. Her expertise will be instrumental in developing state-of- the-art solutions that combine human expertise with machine precision, ensuring unparalleled quality and efficiency for Welocalize’s global clientele.

“I’m thrilled to join Welocalize as we center our strategy around an AI-first future. It’s an honor to work with such forward-thinking leadership. Welocalize’s investment in a strong AI engineering function will ensure that we’re industry leaders for years to come,” remarks Mikaela.

With Mikaela at the helm of its ML division, Welocalize is poised to set new standards in the world of AI-driven translation and localization, further cementing its reputation as a global leader in the industry.

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