Welocalize introduces first ChatGPT plugin for insight into the quality of translation output

Welocalize, a pioneer of tech-enablement within language services, announces the launch of its newest innovation: TranslationRater™, a plugin for ChatGPT. A first in OpenAI’s plugin store for ChatGPT, the new tool allows users to gain insight into the quality of text translations provided by the language model or input by users.

The plugin works in a simple and efficient way. When a user prompts ChatGPT to translate a given text into a specified target language and to rate the translation, the plugin activates to evaluate the quality of the translation. The user will get a translation rating of excellent, good, fair, poor, or terrible.

“Large language models (LLM) will play an important role in future global content and communications. This innovation gives users the ability to assess the quality of the LMM’s multilingual output,” said Chris Grebisz, Welocalize CIO. “Our plugin for ChatGPT helps users navigate through the uncertainty of AI-generated translation quality. By providing feedback on the translation, users have more confidence in the translated content.”

Integrate Welocalize AI Plugin for ChatGPT

The plugin is a tool for ChatGPT Plus users who wish to evaluate the accuracy of translations provided by the language model. It can also be used to evaluate translations that are input into GPT-4 by the user. The plugin does not confirm the factual accuracy of the content, but the quality of the translation.

To use Welocalize’s plugin, users can browse the plugin store (similar to an app store) within ChatGPT, search for “Welocalize,” “translation,” or “TranslationRater,” and then enable the plugin. Going forward, whenever the prompt contains statements such as “how good is this translation” or “evaluate this translation,” ChatGPT will call up the Welocalize plugin and return the translation’s quality rating.

“Generative AI is disrupting content creation, workflows, and business practices. Welocalize is committed to developing new tools to guide our clients through the disruption. Tools like our new plugin for ChatGPT is a further step in that direction,” comments Paul Carr, Welocalize CEO.

Through 2023 and 2024, Welocalize will introduce additional AI integrations and features for ChatGPT and other generative AI models.

About Welocalize

Welocalize, Inc., ranked as one of the world’s largest LSPs by language industry intelligence firms CSA Research, Nimdzi, and Slator, offers innovative language services to help global brands reach audiences around the world in more than 250 languages. The company provides translation and localization services, linguistic talent management, language tools, automation, and technology, quality, and program management. Its range of managed language services include machine translation, digital marketing, validation and testing, interpreting, multilingual data training, and enterprise translation management technologies. As a pioneer of tech-enablement within language services and digital transformation, Welocalize is uniquely positioned to help its clients capitalize on recent developments in generative AI. Welocalize.com

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