AI Translations of Eurovision Song Lyrics Flawed, Analysis Finds

An analysis conducted by The Spanish Group compared the official translations of Eurovision song lyrics to translations done by ChatGPT and Google Translate. The findings reveal that AI created translations that changed the tone and overall meaning of the songs.

TRADUCIRE Implements ChatGPT Prompts in Trados Studio 2022

TRADUCIRE enhances translation workflows with dynamic adjustments for register formality, gender consistency, and more.

ChatGPT Introduces Memory Feature for Enhanced Conversations

ChatGPT will now remember important details from past conversations, offering tailored responses and assistance in an effort to enhance the user's experience.

Slator’s LSP Rankings: Acolad firmly in top 10

The content and language solutions leader reaffirms its Super Agency status following a deeply challenging year for the industry The Slator 2024 Language...

Year One of ChatGPT: Impact on localization and a 2024 Outlook

The story of Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs), best represented by ChatGPT, have taken center stage in the world of translation and...

Samsung Gauss introduced as ChatGPT rival

Competing generative AI model Samsung Gauss suggests the conversation around large language models shows no sign of slowing.

Not Uyoga Not Translation

As the hottest summer ever experienced by homo sapiens approached its end at the Meta headquarters in California, the world’s ninth-largest corporation announced a new achievement for cyber sapiens: the introduction of SeamlessM4T — "the first all-in-one multimodal and multilingual AI translation model that allows people to communicate effortlessly through speech and text across different languages.”

In pursuit of precision: Can ChatGPT rise to the challenge?

The short answer is no. Even if the security issues weren’t a blocker, ChatGPT is still under development and is just not there yet from a translation perspective — especially for businesses that need to translate large amounts of text or require high-accuracy translations.

Localizing the issue of generative AI

With all the daily media attention given to artificial intelligence (AI), it’s easy to think of it as a “recent discovery,” and to a...