Zingword launches platform for professional translators

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Zingword is now open for professional translators to create expressive profiles which they can use to market their services to their ideal clients.

The translation industry has issues finding and staffing translators, with vendor management being a neglected field. Zingword makes finding and staffing translators quick and easy, helping organizations reach across the globe to find the ideal translator for their team, database, or project.

Robert Rogge, CEO of Zingword says, “We think that it’s been harder than it should be to find translators. It has not been a fluid process. We are excited to solve these problems for the benefit of translators, LSPs, and end-clients alike.”

Can translation buyers/clients/vendor managers use Zingword?
Translation buyers/clients who have been waiting for a better way to source translators should join the waiting list on the Zingword homepage.

Robert Rogge says, “Translators are in public beta, while buyers/clients are in private beta. We welcome Vendor Managers and PMs in all corners of the translation industry to reach out to us with their ideas and to join the private beta.”

What is special about Zingword?
Zingword has the following key differentiators:

  • Instant search and quality algorithms to find the ideal translator
  • Zingword is not a job board, and sorts search results by quality
  • Zingword focuses on quality and professionalism
  • Instant quote generation for translators who match your query
  • Work with translators in whatever TMS or CAT tool you like
  • Modern design we are all craving
  • API connection with your TMS

How can translators apply to create a profile?

Translators who have not already joined the waiting list must find an invitation on a partner website or one shared by a translator who has already joined. In fact, one such invitation is right here on MultiLingual, which readers can share in their network.

Robert Rogge says about the invitation system, “We all know how that conversation goes IRL. Someone says, ‘My cousin’s husband’s friend speaks two languages. Maybe you could work together!’ The invitation system helps us grow sustainably with the network effect of our 9,000 professional translators onboarding from the waiting list and our quality social media presence, keeping the platform clean. Sharing is caring, but it’s also cleaning.”

Zingword is made with love in London & Zagreb and is dedicated to solving the challenges related to finding, staffing, hiring, and acquiring professional translation services. More than 9,000 translators have joined the waiting list. Zingword is founded by Robert Rogge, Juraj Gemić, and Korana Jelovac, together with team members Julija Savić and Neven Mendrila. Zingword maintains extensive social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIn.

Zingword is an innovative translation staffing platform dedicated to resolving the issues of finding, hiring and acquiring professional translation services. With more than 9000 translators signed up and currently being onboarded, Zingword aims to ease clients' access to translators and create a more equitable environment for translator-client collaboration.


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