Diuna Group joins forces with Yellow Centrum Języków Obcych

Diuna Group Sp. z o.o. finalizes the acquisition of Yellow Centrum Języków Obcych Sp. z o.o., a distinguished translation agency situated in Wroclaw. Piotr Kolasa, the proprietor of Diuna Group Sp. z o.o., alongside Agata Rybacka, will assume positions on the board of the acquired company.

Building upon its acquisition of Wroclaw-based eParole three and a half years ago, Diuna reinforces its presence in the Lower Silesian and national markets with this latest venture.

Amidst the dynamic landscape of the language and translation industry, consolidation emerges as a pivotal stride toward the future. The amalgamation of the seasoned teams at Diuna Group Sp. z o.o. and Yellow – Centrum Języków Obcych Sp. z o.o. propels both entities to new operational heights.

This union signifies a wealth of resources and expertise from Diuna that will enhance Yellow’s operational prowess. Clients of the Wroclaw office will benefit from access to cutting-edge multimedia and localization services, alongside advanced data annotation and dataset creation services for AI applications. These enhancements, coupled with Yellow’s three decades of industry experience, elevate the integration of new technologies into their daily operations.

For Diuna’s clientele, this development expands service offerings to encompass efficient solutions in conference organization, event management, and tailored professional language training for companies across various industries. Additionally, the suite of services will encompass international TELC examinations, language audits, and verification to bolster HR departments during recruitment processes.

The synergy between these two entities empowers clients to leverage high-quality, comprehensive, and diverse language solutions, fostering success in today’s fiercely competitive global business arena.

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