Diuna Group joins forces with Yellow Centrum Języków Obcych

This strategic union combines expertise to offer cutting-edge services benefiting clients in Wroclaw and beyond.

Feminism vs. Chivalry

Pulling from her experiences living in Ukraine, Germany, Switzerland, and Poland, Nataliya Horbachevska reflects on her evolving views about feminism and why she began to think that it doesn’t require rejecting chivalry.

Sopoltrad launches brand new website to elevate client experience

Discover Sopoltrad's brand new website, designed for an elevated client experience in accessing translation and language services.

Duolingo reports 485% increase in Ukrainian learners

The number of Duolingo users learning Ukrainian increased by 485% in the weeks following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The company will be donating all of its ad revenue from Ukrainian learners to organizations helping Ukrainian refugees.