Amplexor rebrands as Acolad

After joining forces in late 2020, the two content & language industry leaders unite today under a single brand, Acolad. Over the past year, the group has been focusing its efforts on integrating Amplexor and successfully bringing together its teams and portfolio of services. This rebranding marks an important milestone and will enable the group–already ranked as one of the top 5 Language Service Providers globally–to continue its ambitious journey of building a leading global player with a  unified communication and services strategy across the 25 countries it operates in. 

Amplexor rebranding as Acolad is a natural step after the  successful merger of the two companies
Amplexor joining forces with Acolad was a major step forward to becoming a  strong leader in the content and language services market. In addition to its leading position in the US, Europe, and Asia, Amplexor has enriched Acolad with a  comprehensive portfolio of content management and digital experience solutions,  reinforcing the group’s worldwide presence and cross-selling capabilities. 

“In 2021, we achieved our global integration process, bringing together the group’s platforms, operations, and service lines. This enabled us to deliver an even richer portfolio of solutions and a seamless global experience to our customers.  Rebranding Amplexor as Acolad is an important milestone that will enable us to compete and convey our promise of ‘turning content into value’ with a unified approach in all geographies,” comments Olivier Marcheteau, Acolad’s CEO. 

Mark Evenepoel, former CEO of Amplexor and now Board Member and  Advisor of the group, adds: “Acolad has always shared Amplexor’s values and quality standards, as well as our focus on customer delight. Now that  the merger of the group is being finalized, we are proud to become one  today, with a single and unified voice to address the global market.” 

Acolad evolves from being a European leader  to a leading global content partner
Throughout the past years, Acolad’s positioning has evolved from being  100% focused on language services, to accompanying its customers through their complete content lifecycle journey. Acolad’s new motto, “turning your content into value”, illustrates how the group aims to stand out in the content and language services market by providing industry-leading technological solutions and 24/7 high-quality services to its customers. 

With a global footprint now covering 25 countries, 3 continents and all major industries – from Manufacturing to Life Sciences, Legal, Finance,  Ecommerce or the Public sector, Acolad has achieved its goal of becoming a leading global content partner that supports its customers’ growth strategies, not only in Europe, but also in the US and Asia Pacific regions. 

“Merging with Amplexor has allowed us to cement our position as an industry leader, not only by extending our global footprint to key regions like North America but also by reinforcing our standing within the Life Sciences, Manufacturing, and IT industries,” says Olivier Marcheteau, CEO of Acolad. “Our global  customers are now able to benefit from Amplexor’s industry-leading expertise  in Digital Services, which creates new and unique opportunities to design and  implement innovative global content delivery platforms and solutions.” 

Acolad doubles down on its ambitious growth journey
Benjamin du Fraysseix, President, Board Member and Advisor of the Acolad group, is confident that Acolad will keep growing. He comments: “We definitely want to carry on our growth journey and expand our expertise and regional reach. Our goal is to accompany our customers every step of the way as they go global. In the past 10 years, we have moved from being a French medium-sized player to a European leader and are now positioned in the Top 5 worldwide.  Our ambition is to continue our successful growth agenda combining organic  growth and targeted acquisitions across geographies and verticals.”


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