Boostlingo Introduces AI Product and New Brand Identity

Boostlingo, a leader in language access technology, announces AI Pro – a new AI solution offering real-time captions, transcriptions, translations, and speech features in multiple languages. AI Pro empowers professionals to communicate on conferencing platforms regardless of language or hearing disabilities.

In addition to the AI Pro launch, Boostlingo unveils a new brand identity and website reflecting the company’s expansion of services beyond interpretation technology. The new branding reflects Boostlingo’s commitment to innovation and increased language access.

“Boostlingo’s rebranding was a strategic decision as we are building upon our innovative technology and adding new products that incorporate AI,” shared Morgan Teller, Director of Marketing. “We’re also expanding our technology from just interpretation to be capable of supporting broader language services.”

Following a strong performance in 2023, Boostlingo’s impressive 60% ARR growth in Q1 highlights the market’s demand for its solutions. This growth is fueled by new customer acquisition and high customer retention.

As Boostlingo introduces AI Pro to the market, the company remains dedicated to empowering its customers and those they serve to communicate without barriers. AI Pro offers features like captions and transcriptions for multiple languages, instant translation, AI speech features, meeting notes and summaries, and glossary import. This positions AI Pro as an affordable productivity tool for language support in various low-stake scenarios. 

“AI Pro integrates essential productivity features found in existing AI products,” shared Andrea Baccenetti, VP of Strategic Initiatives. “While also introducing a language component, rendering it the quintessential tool for fostering inclusivity, accessibility, and heightened productivity.”

During the AI Pro Beta phase, nearly 1,000 users signed up, praising the solution’s accuracy, especially compared to other platforms like Zoom.

Boostlingo has exciting plans for AI Pro, which recently added text-to-speech and speech-to-speech translation, expanding its integrations beyond Zoom, Teams, and Chrome extensions and AI functionalities within the Boostlingo Events product. These features aim further to improve workflow and language accessibility for global professionals.

“We believe in the power of human interpretation supported by AI,” stated CEO Bryan Forrester. “We uphold the irreplaceable nuances of human communication while leveraging AI advancements. We see AI as a strong business ally that complements rather than replaces language professionals.”

Please visit here for more information about Boostlingo AI Pro and how it can improve your multilingual collaboration on conferencing platforms.

 About Boostlingo 

Boostlingo is a language access software and technology company based in Austin, TX. At Boostlingo, we believe in building innovative technology that empowers our customers and the people they serve to communicate without barriers and increase language access for all.

The Boostlingo platform includes video, phone, and on-demand interpreting connected to the Boostlingo Hub, a comprehensive network of 17,000 language professionals offering interpretation, translation, and other services. Boostlingo also has industry-leading interpreter management and scheduling technology for language service providers, remote simultaneous interpretation and video conferencing platforms, and AI captioning and transcription.  

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