Ivana Barišić Oharek Promoted to Ciklopea Chief Operating Officer

Ciklopea bolsters women leadership team with the promotion of Ivana Barišić Oharek to chief operating officer.

4 Lessons Healthcare Teaches Us About Applying Large Language Models

What can other practitioners take from healthcare’s best practices and lessons learned in applied generative AI?

Professional Interpretation vs. AI Speech Translation: Different Solutions for Different Problems

The nature of translation at international events places a premium on instantaneous and precise interpretations. But can AI meet this demand consistently?

Internationalization: The Elusive Bridge Between Global Dreams and Local Wins

Internationalization (i18n) involves designing and developing a product with the potential to adapt it to diverse languages and cultures.

Effective Market and Competitor Research for International Businesses

Whether your business is expanding or already operating internationally, high-quality market and competitor research can enable your brand to develop an appropriate localization strategy.

Translating Manual to Automated: Your Secret Weapon in Global Payments

Tipalti is helping RWS, United Language Group, The Language Group, and others remove the complexities surrounding global payments. 

The Subtitling Industry Gets a New Certification Program: AVTpro

This certification is a professional qualification in media localization, recognized and accepted by the industry as a badge of quality and competence.

Everything You Need to Know About Subtitling, Closed Captioning, and Audiovisual...

Audiovisual translation has been on the rise in recent years. But what exactly is it, how is it produced, and why should organizations utilize it? 

How to Talk to Business Leaders About Translation Needs

Armed with the right insights and information, you can communicate the necessity of developing and executing a translation strategy to bolster business by providing the best customer service in any language.

How to Create a Realistic Language Access Plan

Here’s what you need to know about legal rights afforded to consumers and the factors you should consider in putting together a language access plan.

RWS reports revenue decline amidst growth-oriented pivot

On Dec. 12, RWS Holdings, one of the top three companies in language and content services, reported a 2% revenue decline to GBP 733.8...

Adapting to Change: Task Force’s Response to the War in Ukraine

As the world watched the escalating tension in Ukraine, Nataliya Horbachevska, CEO of Task Force linguistic services company, found herself facing an uncertain future. With a family to protect and a business to safeguard, she embarked on a journey that would redefine her company's mission and direction.

Meet TAUS’s New Head of Sales & Marketing Anne-Maj van der...

Previously the company's Director of Strategic Partnerships, she shared with us her vision for promoting TAUS's extensive products and services.

Roger Towers Smith weighs in on the art of business development...

Roger Towers Smith shares his thoughts on his career as a business development manager with MultiLingual.

Handling Executive Pressure: A Practical Guide for Localization Professionals

A trend has emerged where executives contemplate bypassing traditional translation processes and cutting budgets, swayed by the potential of Generative AI (GenAI).

Content Security Preparedness Supports Growth of Media Localization

The spotlight for content security is typically shone on the major studios, yet it plays an equally important role for all individuals and organizations...

ELIA President Anu Carnegie-Brown Shares Goals and Encourages Engagement

We caught up with ELIA's recently elected president this week to ask about the association's ambitions for the coming year, as well as her views on volunteer leadership.

Video Dubbing Is Easy With Two New AI Tools

Last week, two New York-based startups each released a video dubbing tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that aims to preserve the speaker’s voice in different languages.

ALC president Karen Decker sees bright future for language service

Karen Decker, owner and president of the International Center for Language Studies (ICLS), is the new president of the ALC and has a vision for moving the organization forward.

Pocketalk Pursues $1 Billion IPO Amid Crowded Field and Questions on...

Pocketalk, creator of Japan's top-selling voice translator, plans to list on Nasdaq within two years with an ambitious $1 billion valuation. However, industry experts...

10 language service industry events to watch out for in the...

We know how it feels to scroll through your LinkedIn feed from the office while your colleagues post about all the fun they had...

A conversation with Elia’s newly (re-)elected board of directors

MultiLingual caught up with each of the freshly elected (and re-elected) board members, to learn a little bit more about their plans for the coming year and the term ahead of them.

Aligning Values: Fostering productivity and efficiency in the age of the...

A smart company features a flexible management and working style that emphasizes a healthy work-life balance.

Anu Carnegie-Brown on Sandberg Translation Partners’ transition to employee ownership

Sandberg Translation Partners just got a few new owners: its employees. We caught up with the company’s managing director, Anu Carnegie-Brown, to learn a little bit more about the process of shifting to employee ownership