Translation Trends for 2021: How the industry is shaping up 

Regional translation industry growth trends As the digital realm continuously pushes for more globalized and shared experiences, the global translation industry is predicted to continue...

The power of positive language

What if there was an easy trick to be more persuasive and more positive, just by changing your mindset and the way you phrase sentences? English speakers have the option to voice both a positive statement and a negative statement that convey the same meaning. For instance, “come to the restaurant on time” and “do not come to the restaurant late” both deliver similar messages; however, the connotation behind the former is much less negative.

Airbnb awards largest contract in language industry

Airbnb announced this morning a suite of new and expanded services, among them a new translation engine to improve guests’ and hosts’ user experience. The...

Google Translate Causes Vaccine Mishap

Last week, MultiLingual reported on a Virginia Department of Health website translation error that incorrectly told Spanish speakers they don’t need coronavirus vaccines. New information...

The 25 Best Globalized Websites

After recently releasing his Web Globalization Report Card for the 17th year, author John Yunker said he's been getting positive feedback on what it...

RWS buys SDL to become new language services industry leader

When two giants merge, an even bigger one is born. The boards of RWS and SDL announced a deal that will see RWS buying SDL. In the UK’s largest tech deal of the year, RWS has agreed to pay GBP 809 million (USD 1.066 billion) to buy SDL.

Zoom Announces Launch of Live Translation in 12 Languages

The digital communications platform Zoom announced Sept. 13 that the company will be launching a new live translation feature to the platform within the...

What are the most important African languages in emerging markets?

Roughly 30% of the world’s languages are spoken in Africa. The continent has an estimated 2,000 languages from over 3,000 tribes and 55 countries. But what are the African languages widely spoken in the top-10 investment prospects?

How to rank well in French SEO

SEMRush completed a study of Google’s ranking factors in September 2017 and found that factors like the time visitors spend on your site and the number of pages they view are now more important than factors such as how often you include a specific keyword on the page. This reinforces the importance of creating a user-friendly website with a responsive design that considers human factors first.