Custom.MT enrolls in the Nvidia Inception program

Custom.MT, a leading provider of applied AI for localization, has been approved for Nvidia’s Inception program for startups. With this program, Nvidia supports and nurtures promising startups in the fields of AI and data science. As a member of Inception, Custom.MT will have access to significant benefits that will help us develop custom models for clients. 

Some of the key advantages include:

  1. Better access to Nvidia hardware, software, and SDKs, enabling us to develop and deploy AI solutions faster and more efficiently. This includes access to AI/A100s GPUs for high-performance model training and fine-tuning projects.
  2. On-premise model training. We can now fine-tune natural language understanding models using NeMo and mixed-precision computing on Tensor Cores in NVIDIA GPUs. The resulting models may be deployed on-premises with the client or in Private Cloud on Azure or AWS.
  3. Expert support: Custom.MT’s projects will receive technical support from Nvidia’s team of experts, helping us optimize our AI models and applications for maximum performance on Nvidia’s GPU platforms. Furthermore, as a member of the program, we will have access to NVIDIA Train, Adapt, and Optimize (TAO) Toolkit. 
  4. Networking: The Inception program connects Custom.MT to other innovative companies and industry leaders, helping us cover more needs of our stakeholders.

For our clients, this means that Custom.MT is becoming a stronger partner in building custom models that can hold well under high loads. Approval for the Inception program marks an exciting new chapter for Custom.MT. We look forward to leveraging the resources and support provided by Nvidia to deliver more high-performance AI to our clients.

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