David Snaddon: Finding the right talent

Finding the right person for a given job is never an easy task. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools in the localization world that makes discovering talented professionals that much easier. For his latest interview, MultiLingual contributor Nicolás Martin Fontana spoke with David Snaddon about his work in that arena by establishing LocRecruiting.

Why do you like reading MultiLingual magazine?

MultiLingual helps me keep up with industry news. All the content is really interesting and well-written. And, the digital option is perfect to read anywhere, anytime. 

How did you join the localization industry?

I joined the industry based on a friend’s recommendation. This industry gives me an opportunity to match clients and candidates from so many different cultures. It’s an industry that is growing quickly and makes a major impact on globalization, and it’s a privilege to be part of it.   

Why you decided to create LocRecruiting in 2022? 

The localization industry is very flexible and adaptable. I wanted to create an open platform for recruitment where I can be a conduit for companies and candidates to meet. 

Being a specialized employment agency offers our clients several advantages over those using some of the best staffing agencies in the world whose recruiters take a more generalist approach. All our recruiters have an IT background and a solid knowledge of the localization and translation world.

Do you know other recruitment companies that operate within the localization industry? 

Yes, of course.  Localization recruitment companies are very visible on LinkedIn, in industry journals, and at conferences. It’s great to see such strong recruitment activity.  

Who was your first client?

Our first client was MondragonLingua. Since then, several other leading players in the localization industry use our services.

Is it a good time to be a recruiter?

I do see continued growth for this sector, so there is a bright future for recruiters in the localization industry. 

What is your goal for LocRecruiting future?

We are still a startup, having only been set up less than a year ago. We hope with time we will become the go-to website for localization jobs. We not only offer the services of our professional recruiters but also a platform where anyone can publish their localization jobs and CVs free of charge


Nicolas M. Martin Fontana
Sales and Marketing Manager at Comunica.

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