Sustainability at the Core When Plint Appoints New CTO

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN. Sweden based, yet truly international, language and technology company Plint has recruited Tietoevry’s Alexandra Andersson as new CTO. Andersson will lead the technical team developing Plint’s localisation software services and support a sustainable, continued growth of the company with their freelancing translators best at heart.

Alexandra joins Plint with extensive technology and development experience as well as a proven track record of transforming business operations and creating high-performing teams fit for the future. Finding a candidate with the right combination of experiences has been crucial for Plint in this highly strategic recruitment, and with Alexandra bringing such a broad professional skillset including product management, business and process development as well as partner relations and market strategies, they’ve found a perfect match.

Since the invention of the typewriter, translators have been taking the best that technology can offer them to deliver the highest quality in their craft. The paradigm shift in what technology can offer a translator today in addition to the favourites like spellcheck is driving some significant changes in the way the craft is performed. Plint has a history of putting their freelancing linguists at the forefront in all strategic decisions, convinced that they must remain central and in control of the process, regardless which tools may be available in the future.

“We are very excited to make Plint’s development team even stronger and get new valuable business perspective on sustainable software development as we accelerate Plint’s technical strategy. With Alexandra’s talent for navigating new market landscapes and driving innovation, I’m confident our team will be even more inspired to deliver real value to our freelancers, clients, and colleagues”, says Thomas Roberts, CEO.

Most recently, Andersson served as Head of Natural Resources & Construction at Tietoevry, developing operational specific systems towards the forest industry – an arena completely different than that of the media localisation she’s now entering at Plint.

“It takes about 100 years for a tree to grow, so joining Plint during their impressive growth spurt means a definite change of environment in that sense, which is of course very exciting in my role. Still, the passion and respect for the process of creating something are present in both worlds, and that’s where it gets interesting to me. I’m looking forward to identifying the best possible ways to marry the tech and business perspectives whilst understanding the needs of our linguists and clients when we’re developing new services”, says Alexandra Andersson.

For more information, please contact:

Thomas Roberts, CEO

Frida Abrahamsson, Head of Communications

Anne-Marie Colliander Lind
Anne-Marie is an expert Translation Industry Business Consultant focused on Growth strategies, Sales Coaching & Training, and Social Media. She is a regular speaker at events around the world.


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