Doc3™ Announces Enhancements to Its CAT Tool for Professional Translators

Doc3™ by idioma Co., Ltd. has introduced a series of updates to its Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tool designed to significantly enhance the efficiency and productivity of translators. These updates include the introduction of new features such as a free DeepL connector, as well as a new subscription bundle covering all advanced features for just $15/month.

Introducing the DeepL API Connector at No Extra Cost

A prominent feature of the update is the integration of the DeepL API Connector directly within Doc3™, now available to all users at no additional charge. This integration allows translators to leverage DeepL’s advanced translation capabilities, enhancing the translation process by providing more accurate and contextually relevant translations.

Advanced Translation Memory Management

Doc3™ has also introduced a new, advanced feature for Translation Memory (TM) management. This premium feature enables professional translators to efficiently manage, edit, and reuse previous translations and translation memories stored in their private Cloud space. By improving the management of these resources, translators can achieve greater consistency across their projects while saving significant time.

A Comprehensive Single Subscription Bundle

In a move to simplify access to its premium features, Doc3™ has replaced its previous add-on model with a single subscription bundle. For a monthly fee of $15, users now gain access to an array of premium features, including:

  • A dedicated Private Cloud Space for secure storage and management of projects,
  • Access to proprietary Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technology supporting over 20 languages in addition to common public NMT engines,
  • Real-time Quality Assurance (QA) capabilities with customizable Style Guides, and
  • The newly introduced advanced TM Management feature.

This new approach ensures that professional translators have access to a comprehensive suite of tools and features, all designed to meet the diverse needs of translation projects at an affordable price.

About the Doc3 CAT tool

“Doc3 was developed as an in-house CAT tool by idioma and we are introducing it to the larger masses,” explains John O’Connor, head of international sales at idioma Co., Ltd. that has co-developed Doc3™. “We now provide a version that is completely free, yet fully functional for lower translation volumes, and an affordable Pro version that is meant for professional translators making a living on translation. This will make a big difference for freelance translators – allowing them to work with all the standard translation file formats, without having to purchase expensive licenses.”

Explore the New Doc3™

Doc3™ invites professional translators to explore these new features and improvements. By running a project on the updated platform, translators can experience firsthand the enhanced capabilities and productivity benefits offered by Doc3™. 

For more information and to start using these new features, visit

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