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The Orange County Department of Education – Language Services team provides bilingual professional learning opportunities and experiences for all interpreters, translators, bilingual staff, school administrators, and community liaisons in the county. We are committed to communicating across cultures to provide meaningful language access to families, students, and communities served. The Orange County Department of Education is proud to host their 7th Annual Interpreters and Translators Conference on September 29th and 30th, 2023, at the Hilton Orange County/Costa Mesa.

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Registration includes:

  • Three General Sessions
  • Selection of over 35 one-hour Breakout Sessions
  • Two-Day Event Parking
  • Two-Day Breakfast and Lunch
  • Access to the 2023 ITC Event App
  • Access to all session resources until December 31, 2023

This year we are spotlighting four strands of professional learning focused on:

  • Family Engagement
  • Language Access
  • Skill Development
  • Translation

Conference sessions and engagements will respond to the core belief that language access is foundational to an inclusive and culturally responsive educational ecosystem. Participants will delve into unique opportunities to acquire and refine their skills, learn tips and strategies to enhance their professional practices, stay up-to-date with the latest trends, laws, and expectations, and explore the use of diverse platforms and tools that can streamline their language service efforts.

Notable featured presentations from:

  • Keynote presenter, Dr. Shree Walker, author, educator and motivational speaker, will “…shift the mindset of every attendee and enable them to effectively serve, guide, and lead.” (www.theresilientwalker.com)
  • Daniel Tamayo, Conference Interpreter and Technical Translator, will discuss the translation process, concepts and strategies that help participants produce professional translations that are effective, accurate and flow naturally (presenter sponsored by Certified Interpreting Services)
  • Katharine Allen, Founder and Owner of Words Across Borders, will provide clear approaches to leveraging remote interpreting resources in school settings. Katharine will evaluate their resources – from trained staff, to freelance interpreters, to remote options – which can range from on-demand contracts to scheduled meetings with internal staff interpreters.
  • Leslie Padilla-Williams, Executive Director at HOLA Language Services, will focus on best practices for translation and interpreting services at your school using the Tell Me, Show Me, Let Me method.
  • Mila Golovine, President and CEO at MasterWord Services, will provide awareness to the value and importance of language access for Indigenous Languages. Mila will also delve into the dynamics of aggression and emotional outbursts in triadic interpreting settings and offer valuable tools for interpreters to effectively manage their responses and facilitate the overall encounter.


Take the next step in your professional learning and in ensuring language access in your schools and communities by registering for the 2023 Interpreters and Translators Conference.

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