Running Remote Conference 2023 — Uniting remote work advocates and industry pioneers in Lisbon

The highly anticipated Running Remote Conference 2023, the world’s largest remote-work conference, took place in the vibrant city of Lisbon, Portugal, on April 25-26. This exceptional event brought together a diverse community of remote work advocates, industry leaders, and professionals from around the globe.

With a total of 515 in-person registrations and 442 virtual registrations, the conference attracted a significant audience eager to delve into the best strategies for remote and hybrid work, company culture, and workforce management in the ever-evolving landscape of 2023 and beyond.

The event boasted an impressive lineup of industry practitioners who shared their extensive knowledge and experience in leading and managing remote-first and hybrid teams. Notable speakers included Ryan Chartrand (CEO @ X-Team), Mark Cruth (Modern Work Designer & Evangelist @ Atlassian), Brian Elliott (Head of Future Forum & SVP @ Slack), Ashley Kramer (CMO & CSO @ Gitlab), and many more.

Running Remote offered a comprehensive program featuring sessions on various topics, including the future of remote work, emerging trends in modern work, fostering connection and culture in distributed teams, and implementing flexible work practices within organizations. The top-rated sessions highlighted insights and strategies for creating successful remote companies and enhancing productivity and collaboration in a distributed environment.

The conference provided attendees with ample opportunities for learning, growth, and networking. Over 457 in-person attendees and 235 virtual attendees engaged in 19+ hours of content, including thought-provoking presentations, interactive discussions, Q&A sessions, and networking breaks. Attendees had the chance to connect with industry pioneers, share ideas, and forge new connections during and after the event.

The Running Remote Conference 2023 received overwhelming positive feedback from participants, reaffirming its status as a premier event in the remote work community. Laïla von Alvensleben, Head of New Ways of Working at Mural, expressed her appreciation for the event, stating, “Thanks to the entire Running Remote crew for putting on another spectacular event. I came away with some great new friends while catching up with some old ones too, and I’m brimming with fresh ideas. See you at the next one!”

Tyler Sellhorn, Director of Customer Success at OnDeck, also shared his sentiments, stating, “It’s apparently become tradition when I’ve had the privilege to spend time with the remote besties for my heart to fill up so full it overflows with tears of joy as I head home. Thank you Running Remote for demonstrating yet again that the URL to IRL pipeline is indeed a REAL ONE. Thank you Rachel, Kasia, Egor, and Liam for holding open this space for the remote work advocacy community to gather and high five, hug, break bread, share drinks and hear the echo of our laughter against walls we can all see.”

The success of the conference can be attributed to the dedicated team behind Running Remote, including Rachel Yenko-Martinka, Kasia Triantafelo, Egor Borushko, and Liam Martin, who worked tirelessly to create a space for remote work advocates to gather, connect, and exchange insights. Their commitment and expertise in organizing the event demonstrated the power of bridging the gap between the virtual and real world, fostering meaningful connections, and promoting the growth of the remote work advocacy community.

With plans already underway for future events, Running Remote continues to lead the way in shaping the future of remote work, empowering individuals and organizations to thrive in the remote and hybrid work landscape.

For more information about Running Remote, including details about the event, speakers, and upcoming conferences, click here.

Eddie Arrieta
Eddie developed the startup world for the past decade, cofounded ventures, and deepened his knowledge of media, communications, business intelligence, and growth. Today, he is focused on identifying global expansion opportunities through communications, technology, and innovation, specifically in AI, ML, and blockchain. As a remote professional, Eddie believes we can build a world where opportunities are available to all.


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