Federal Translation Bureau of Canada CEOs Discuss Vision and Challenges

The Localization Fireside Chat podcast, sponsored by the Canadian Language Industry Association (CLIA), hosted a ground-breaking conversation with former and current CEOs of the Federal Translation Bureau, shedding light on their experiences, accomplishments, and visions for the future of the language industry in Canada. The panel, consisting of Donna Achimov (2011-2016), Stéphan Déry MPA, CPA (2017-2019), Lucie Séguin (2019-2022), and Dominic Laporte (current CEO), discussed a range of topics, including their motivations for joining the Bureau, the impact of technology on translation, policy changes, and their visions for the future. You can watch the full conversation here: https://youtu.be/vXDzFNXGUEs

Donna Achimov highlighted the importance of quality and the role of the Bureau in delivering accurate and reliable translations. She emphasized the need for adaptability and the power of language in connecting Canadians. Achimov also discussed her efforts to introduce government-approved machine translation (MT), recognizing the potential of technology while ensuring the responsibility and quality of human translators.

Stéphan Déry focused on the significance of maintaining quality in translation and interpretation services. He stressed the value of human expertise and understanding clients’ needs, while acknowledging the efficiency gains of technology. Déry also highlighted the Bureau’s role in implementing the Official Languages Act and its commitment to compliance and linguistic inclusivity.

Lucie Séguin discussed the Bureau’s involvement in policy changes, such as the Canada Accessibility Act and the Indigenous Languages Act. She emphasized the importance of providing translation and interpretation services in sign languages and indigenous languages, promoting inclusivity and accessibility. Séguin also highlighted the Bureau’s collaboration with industry, academia, and other government departments to strengthen the language profession and support the future of translation and interpretation.

Dominic Laporte shared his vision for the future, focusing on the Bureau’s role in ensuring the long-term viability of the profession. He emphasized the need to adapt to technological advancements while preserving the value of human translators. Laporte also highlighted the Bureau’s commitment to sustainability, collaboration with the language industry, and the development of awareness around the future of the profession.

Robin Ayoub, founder of the Localization Fireside Chat and president of CLIA, moderated the discussion. He expressed his gratitude to the panelists for their insights and leadership in advancing the language industry in Canada. Ayoub emphasized the importance of continued dialogue and collaboration between the public and private sectors to meet the evolving demands of the industry.

The conversation, streamed live on LinkedIn and YouTube, attracted a diverse audience of language professionals, industry stakeholders, and language enthusiasts. The panelists’ expertise and shared experiences provided valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the language industry in Canada.


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