Fujitsu adds te reo Māori language on ServiceNow

Information and communications technology company Fujitsu Aotearoa New Zealand introduces the te reo Māori language on digital workflow platform ServiceNow to reduce communication barriers for Māori and Pacific New Zealanders.

Fujitsu will offer customers the option to choose the official indigenous language of Aotearoa New Zealand as their language of choice within the ServiceNow platform.

With the optional integration of third-party translation services such as Google, Microsoft, and others, this solution will also provide customers with dynamic translation for chats, virtual agents, notifications, and knowledge base articles, to break down siloes and encourage collaboration between teams, regardless of their preferred language.

Fujitsu installs, configures, and maintains both static (UI) and dynamic content through the Translator Bot app.

The te reo Māori language translation program is Fujitsu’s direct response to one of Aotearoa New Zealand Government’s primary policy commitments to supporting a strong, healthy, thriving Māori language.

All the proceeds of this solution will go back into further work on the te reo Māori language translation of other systems, supporting Fujitsu’s Māori and Pacific Peoples Inclusion Plan and its commitments to creating value for Māori and Pacific people and their families, communities, and businesses.

Fujitsu has been working closely with Straker Translations, a tech-centric translation company to develop this solution.

“Māori people make up 17.1% of the national population in Aotearoa New Zealand, however, they have been underrepresented in the technology industry. We want our business to represent Aotearoa New Zealand as a whole, and reflect the foundations cemented in the partnership of Te Tiriti o Waitangi which provides a place for all,” said Fujitsu Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand vice president – purpose, people, and culture Nicole Forrester.

“Language is such an important part of inclusivity and respect for culture. We are extremely pleased to have worked with Fujitsu on this project and its long-term plan to support Māori and Pacific New Zealander culture,” said Straker Translations CEO Grant Straker (Ngāti Raukawa).

“Investment like this supports Aotearoa New Zealand’s digital demands for better ways to work and we are delighted to support our partner to bring this important and unique capability to our community,” said ServiceNow New Zealand country manager Kate Tulp.

This initiative is part of Fujitsu’s broader Māori and Pacific Peoples Inclusion Plan to increase Māori and Pacific New Zealanders’ participation in the local technology industry, according to Fujitsu. This is a five-year practical plan of action with activities including:

  • Implementing initiatives to assist the employment and other opportunities of Māori and Pacific peoples;
  • Increase Fujitsu’s use of Iwi/Hapu, Māori, and Pacific owned businesses in its supply chains and the delivery of services;
  • Develop and reaffirm partnerships and relationships with Iwi and Hapu of Aotearoa New Zealand; and
  • Improve the relationship, understanding and respect of Fujitsu employees Māori and Pacific peoples.
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