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Content Marketing Matters In Language Services

Whether you’ve given it a lot of thought or none at all — whether you’ve invested in content marketing or refrained from investment altogether — content marketing matters in language services, and here’s why: Fragmentation, isolation, and disruption.


The global language services industry is unlike any other. With literally tens of thousands of language service providers (LSPs) from boutiques to six-figured multinational companies, there really isn’t any particular LSP that has a stronghold on the entire industry nor an entire service sector for that matter. What this means, of course, is that several LSPs that offer very similar solutions are competing within the same markets. It also means a strong content marketing strategy is critical to differentiate you from your competitors.  


If you are anything like the many LSPs we speak to on a daily basis, you likely receive several blank stares from folks when you say you are part of the language services industry. In fact, you probably find yourself explaining over and over again just what global language services are and whom it is you serve. That is because translation, interpreting, localization, and the gazillion other language solutions LSPs offer go largely unnoticed, as the work mostly takes place behind the scenes.

It’s quite fascinating to consider, since language services are needed everywhere — in courtrooms, in hospitals and health clinics, in retail, eLearning, education, multimedia, finance — the list goes on and on. Yet, many people outside the industry just don’t realize that the translated content they consume, the interpreted conversation they listen to, or the localized websites they visit have all been made possible thanks to professional linguists, localization professionals, and the very talented world of language services. This is yet another compelling reason to invest in content marketing. We need to get the word out, explain clearly what it is you do, why you do it, and how folks in virtually every industry stand to benefit from language services. 


Technology in particular, has caused a bit of a disruption within the language services industry. We need look only at the latest pandemic to see how those LSPs that offer virtual remote interpreting (VRI) rose quickly in demand during the height of the pandemic, and not just in healthcare. As conferences largely moved to eConferencing platforms, interpreters with industry-specific subject matter expertise and skilled in both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting became highly desired. eLearning localization also became a popular service as businesses across industries began to adopt work-from-home policies. Those LSPs already in position with an extensive pool of linguists, advanced technology, and specialized language solutions found themselves overwhelmed with work. Other LSPs found themselves either scrambling to get onboard or find other gaps in various markets where they could gain a competitive advantage. But here’s the thing — getting your message out, sharing your company’s service offerings, and not only reaching but resonating with your target audience all comes from a strong content marketing strategy. 

Content marketing matters in language services.     

Content Marketing Isn’t Just For The Big Players 

It really makes no difference if you’re a self-starter, a boutique company, or one of the very few six-figured companies within the global language services industry — everyone benefits from investing in high-quality content marketing services. The key, of course, is investing in the right team. And no. That content marketing team also doesn’t need to be a large, multi-departmental or multinational operation. And content marketing doesn’t need to cost you more than you can afford.

The content marketing team needs to be knowledgeable about the language services industry and passionate about content marketing. They need to be responsive, responsible, and timely. And they need to deliver content that consistently encompasses your brand and voice and speaks directly to your target audience. Content marketing, when done right, helps your message to resonate with your prospects no matter where they live, no matter what language they speak, no matter the industry they serve. GIM Content Management is one such content marketing and market research company exclusively serving the global language services industry.

Global Lingo has been partnered with GIM Content Management and Carreen since 2020 and we have had nothing but an excellent experience. Carreen has provided us with a vast amount of new content from data driven articles through to various in-depth research reports.The content has been used on our website, across social media and even in event print collateral. She is a consummate professional and I would highly recommend her and the team for any of your content needs. Thank you Carreen for your ongoing contribution to Global Lingo’s journey!

— Karl Eastwood, Chief Executive Officer, Global Lingo

Whether you’re currently creating your own content in-house or looking to partner with a trusted content marketing team, GIM is here to support your content marketing and market research needs. Partner with GIM, and together, we’ll build valuable content, giving your potential clients a compelling reason to do business with you.


Carreen Schroeder
Carreen Schroeder is the CEO and Owner of GIM Content Management based in Phoenix, AZ. Since 2018, GIM has been offering content marketing and market research to the global language services industry. GIM has worked with Slator, Nimdzi Insights, RWS, Global Lingo, Akorbi, and Vistatec, among many other well-known names in the industry. GIM offers a full suite of content marketing solutions, from compelling, data-driven articles and research reports to social media marketing and newsletter blasts. She can be reached at

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