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Richard Brooks

Richard Brooks

"To be featured in this list of distinguished professionals is a personal honor and a powerful reaffirmation of my dedication to this dynamic field."

Negotiating Deals in the Localization Industry

As many businesses are allocating their budgets for the upcoming year, six sales specialists share their advice for closing deals in the language industry space — measuring success, personalization, and knowing the client’s perspective can go a long way.

Why Differentiation Is So Hard

By Lee Densmer and Mimi Moore Practitioners and clients alike note that many LSPs sound the same. They use the same tone of voice, describe their similar services in the same way, and list the same differentiators. Densmer and Moore share their tips on how to stand out amongst the competition by highlighting your company’s mission, personality, and points of difference.

Rebrandly expands global reach with new executive appointments

SAN FRANCISCO — Today, Rebrandly, the market-leading provider of link management solutions, announced it had appointed two new members to its global executive team...

The future of branding (for LSPs)

The Dec. 6 edition of The New York Times was bought in its entirety by General Electric (GE) in a first-ever bid to rethink...

Language Services: Possibly the best kept secret across industries

Whether you've given it a lot of thought or none at all — whether you've invested in content marketing or refrained from investment altogether — content marketing matters in language services, and here's why.

Unbabel Report Outlines “Native Language Effect” among Consumers

Unbabel, a San Francisco-based language operations platform, has released the results of its 2021 Global Multilingual Customer Experience Report, which breaks down the results...

Why Language Service Experts Need to Think Twice Before Saying Localization...

A common saying in the language industry is that localization is best when it goes unnoticed. This reflects important lessons learned from the many...

“Lara” wins bronze at the New York Film Advertising Awards

“Lara” is the first film in Translated's history: it could be defined as a fully-fledged short film rather than just a commercial. The Italian...

The Future of the Localization Industry

Focus The Future of the Localization Industry Kajetan Malinowski Kajetan Malinowski is senior director of Proposition Management for Lionbridge, and is responsible for Lionbridge’s product strategy and...

Five advantages of using marketing localization for your business

Marketers are often plagued with a dilemma when reaching out to a new market: to standardize or to localize? There are disadvantages and advantages on both sides, but when reaching out to a new market, it’s actually more advantageous for marketers to choose localization.

“Top” advertisements generate top dollar for companies — in fines

China’s state news agency, Xinhua, released two updated style guides on the tail of China’s 2015 advertising law overhaul. Faced with these new regulations, foreign companies have experienced increased difficulties in the last few years when promoting products in the PRC.

Transcreation: Critical for global success

When Puma created a campaign modeling the United Arab Emirates national flag, the negative reaction ran so deep the company pulled the entire line...

Global Branding and those “Minority” Languages: Business Benefits

Superb article in the UK's Guardian newspaper about the business benefits of branding using what are often snottily referred to as "minority" languages: Basque, Cornish, Irish, Welsh,...