Global Talk conquers Belgium

Global Talk has been active in Belgium for two years. Today, the interpreting service provider opens an office at the Accentis Business Center in Antwerp (Lier). This branch will enable the company to expand and provide better support to its customers.

Stefan Verbist, manager of Global Talk Belgium, is enthusiastic: ‘With the opening of our new office and the expansion of our team, we are entering a new phase. It allows us to provide even better support to our existing customers and gives us a broader platform for introducing our interpreting services to the Flemish market. We can now also attract Flemish interpreters to Global Talk.’

Why Belgium?
Global Talk intentionally chose Belgium. In the Flemish market, it is difficult for organizations to hire an interpreter, especially outside office hours and at weekends. In addition, the range of languages available is still limited. Global Talk, with its network of over 1500 professional interpreters in 200 different languages, has a solution to this situation. Global Talk’s matchings platform allows customers to have an interpreter on the phone within one minute, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An obvious win-win for governments, non-profit organizations and civil society.

Astrid van Rossum, CEO of Global Talk, adds: ‘Our services are a good addition to the Flemish market. Organizations can engage an interpreter remotely, without booking them in advance. This move to Belgium fits in well with our growth ambitions.’

Eliminate language and cultural barriers
Global Talk is developing into a leading European organization in bridging language and cultural barriers. Under the motto ‘understanding is everything’, the company believes that everyone, wherever they come from, deserves to understand and be understood. They use well-trained and highly experienced interpreters and culture specialists, who remove all language and cultural barriers. Because fully understanding each other often requires more than just a literal translation. Knowledge of a person’s cultural background is also important. There can be a world of difference between what a person means and what they say.

Over-the-phone interpreting
With 45 years of experience and over 1500 interpreters and culture specialists in 200 languages, Global Talk is active in all sectors where people bridge language and cultural differences, be it an interpreter in education, at a hospital or for a meeting. The company uses the latest technology where possible and deploys specialists where necessary. The interpreter phone connects you with a professional interpreter at any time of the day. An interpreter on the line within a minute, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is the fastest solution. In the coming years, Global Talk is committed to become a trusted partner of cities and municipalities, healthcare and educational institutions and civil society.

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