IBM and AI Singapore Collaborate to Fine-Tune Southeast Asian LLM

Global technology company IBM has announced a partnership with AI Singapore (AISG) to test and refine the Southeast Asian large language model (LLM) known as SEA-LION. This collaboration aims to enable localized AI applications tailored to the diverse linguistic landscape of Southeast Asia, as well as to democratize AI technology in Southeast Asia.

SEA-LION — which stands for Southeast Asian Languages in One Network — is an LLM developed by AISG to support 11 Southeast Asian languages, including Indonesian, Thai, Tamil, Filipino, and Burmese. The model is built to be smaller, more efficient, and faster than many other LLMs currently in use. It features two base models: a 3-billion-parameter model and a 7-billion-parameter model, trained on a dataset comprising 981 billion language tokens. These tokens include substantial representation from English, Southeast Asian languages, and Chinese.

Under the new partnership, IBM will integrate SEA-LION into its AI technology stack, particularly using its Watsonx platform. This integration will allow SEA-LION to be accessible through IBM’s Digital Self-Serve Co-Create Experience (DSCE) library, which is a repository of AI models and tools designed for developers and data scientists. By making SEA-LION available on this platform, IBM and AISG aim to facilitate the creation of localized generative AI applications that can cater to the unique linguistic and cultural nuances of Southeast Asia.

IBM’s role will not be limited to testing SEA-LION; it will also fine-tune the model in collaboration with AISG. This process will ensure that the model is optimized to meet the specific needs of businesses operating within the region. The goal is to provide organizations with a robust, flexible AI model that can be customized according to their specific business requirements. By testing and refining the SEA-LION model, the partnership aims to create a powerful tool for developing localized AI applications, driving innovation, and fostering inclusivity in the region’s rapidly growing AI ecosystem.

This partnership also underscores the importance of AI governance. As AI technologies evolve, there is a growing need for frameworks that address compliance, risk management, and ethical considerations. IBM and AISG plan to incorporate AI governance principles into the SEA-LION model, ensuring that businesses can scale AI applications safely and responsibly.

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